Inside Fuel - Q4 2023

Welcome to Inside Fuel, our quarterly review of technical developments and everything happening in the Fuel Ecosystem. Take a moment to catch up on all the latest news.


🌉 Introduction of the Fuel Bridge

We’ve launched the Fuel native bridge, a crucial component enhancing Ethereum interoperability by enabling seamless bridging between Ethereum’s Sepolia Network and the Beta-4 Testnet.

Try it out today on

🔐 WebAuthn

We released an early stage working prototype of a Passkey-based transaction signing live on testnet. This is a leap forward into a better blockchain UX, taking advantage of WebAuthn to create, sign and recover a wallet using biometrics.

The prototype consists in a simplified browser interface for WebAuthn focused on secp256r1 (P-256). You can try it out on and read more about it on Github.

Note: this library is in BETA, do not use it for production use. It will be maintained and audited over time by Fuel Labs.

Fuel Indexer

In October 2023, we released the Fuel Indexer, which enables the ability to index blockchain components efficiently and quickly.

Documentation and how go to get started with the indexer can be found here.

New Standards Released

We’ve released a lot of new Sway standards to level up what you can accomplish in building your projects, including:

Most valuable community and contributor content

Articles and Tutorials

Podcasts and Livestreams

Supermoon Camps interviews at the Fuel House:

Past events


Devconnect Istanbul has been filled with excitement, contributions, and many nice conversations about Fuel’s future. Here are some of the highlights that happened over Devconnect:

We attended and hosted many events during the Devconnect week (Fuel and Friends drinks, L2 Days, Abstract Istanbul, AAvolution House, Decentralized Scaling Summit, Builders Nights). Here is a reflection on a few of them:

VM Day: Co-hosted with Cartesi, VM Day was the reunion for all alternate VMs maxis. We were joined by Arbitrum Nitro, Polygon Miden, Fluent, Aztec, Risc Zero and Movement Labs to discuss how alternate VMs address the limitations of the EVM to shape a better future for Ethereum and more generally speaking the future of Blockchain.

Replay of Lightning talks and Panels can be found on our YouTube channel.

VM Day DevConnect Istanbul 2023
VM Day DevConnect Istanbul 2023

We successfully hosted our first Builder House with the help of Supermoon Camp, where about 30 developers spent five days with us learning, building and deploying their first smart contract on Fuel. All the material that was covered during the week can be found here.

Fuel Builder House DevConnect Istanbul 2023
Fuel Builder House DevConnect Istanbul 2023


We had a great time and met many developers from all horizons focused on making the Ethereum space better during EthLisbon.

ETH Lisbon 2023
ETH Lisbon 2023

Upcoming events


We will be on the ground for Ethereum Denver to connect, discuss and tell you all about Fuel’s future. If you plan to go, let’s meet at the Fuel Booth!

Execution Day

Sign up for Execution Day (March 2nd, 2024) during ETHDenver, where all things blockchain execution — from parallelization through UTXOs to alternate VMs — will be discussed by the most advanced teams in the blockchain space. Spots are limited, register now.

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